Your very own
rewarding personal

However, doesn't listen
in on your conversation.

Meet Seymore our Rewards App to help reward you.

Seymore is your personal rewards app and customer advocate. Seymore helps you earn rewards and choose how to spend those rewards. The App is completely free to download and use. It's as easy as;
Make a purchase at your preferred business and collect points. Then convert your points to rewards, like cash, your rent or health insurance payments, for groceries or a donation to your favourite cause. Points can be used to enter competitions - for chances to win! You can play along with the Seymore community via fun games and share experiences.
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Your smartphone has never been this much fun. Play augmented reality games and engage with your surroundings as well as learn cool facts.

Why Seymore?

We're asking brands, retailers and advertisers to respect your privacy in return for your attention. With Seymore they can spend their digital marketing budgets on rewarding you for your attention, not some corporation who unethically uses your data to reward themselves.


Rewards, they are everywhere.

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Scratch & Win

Play instant Scratch and Win games and win yourself a reward. Simply scan, scratch and see if they've won.

Random Rewards

We send out prizes randomly to users just to show we care. Look out for an unexpected surprise coming to you soon.

Treasure Hunt

We use QR codes to create treasure hunts or passport games. When when you find all the QR codes and scan them, you're rewarded.

Enter to Win Draws.

Simply enter one of our draws and receive a chance to win a prize.

Answer to Win

Sometimes Seymore needs to as ask a question and the best answer wins. Help us improve or help out a neighbor and earn rewards.

Earn to Win

Earn special rewards by earning points to enter a competitions that drive a purpose.

Augmented Reality Campaigns.

Chase the rabbit and see if you win something. Augmented reality bring the community to life, see, hear and interact with your surroundings in new entertaining and educational ways.

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Augmented Reality.

Fun, exciting and rewarding augmented reality is a great way to engage with users and build learning experiences.

Earn so many points, in so many ways.

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Points for Visiting

Reward for simply for visiting one of our wonderful businesses who have made a pledge to you.

Points for Feedback

Retailers want to know about your experience with them and how to serve you better. So they offer points for you providing feedback after a purchase.

Points for Milestones

Help us reach common milestones and we will reward you with points. For example, if we meet our school WiFi target together we all get points for doing a good thing.

Points for Sharing.

Share our app and help us build an army for Seymore helpers. Share our activity to the world and help us deliver on our promise to help more people.

Points for Purchase

Our wonderful supporting retailers and brands offer points every time you choose to purchase from them. Show the love and they show us more support.

Bonus Points

Look out for whacky competitions, that Seymore is always messing about and hiding somewhere. Keep a look out and if you spot him in the wild, bonuses here I come.

Frequently Asked Questions.

  • How does it work?

    The Seymore App is completely free to download from either Apple or Google stores. Just register and start using the app to earn rewards.

  • Do you sell my data?

    Absolutely not, this wouldn't work if we did. Seymore exists to protect you and your privacy and wouldn't be as cool as we are if we did.

  • How are you doing this?

    We're asking brands, retailers and advertisers to respect your privacy in return for your attention. We are asking them to spend their digital marketing budgets on rewarding you not some corporation who unethically uses your data to reward themselves.

  • How about the Free Internet service?

    We have two services. Our family friendly public Free WiFi service is fast enough for all most your browsing needs and becomes faster with the more Seymore users we have while protecting sensitive users. Our premium free service which requires you to purchase a device to connect to us is unrestricted and you plug in your own router.

We don't sell your data.


We're not creepy. It's simple, your browsing history is your business.